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Mortgage Holder Fees

The below fees are not intended to be all inclusive and are subject to change without notice.

Check-by-Phone (per use) $10 Maximum
Autodraft No charge
Amortization Schedule (term of loan-no scenarios) $10
Special Amortization Schedule (“what if” scenarios) $15
Coupons (3rd set per year) $5
Document Copies (per document) $5
Duplicate Copies (escrow analysis, 1098’s, etc.) $5
Fax Fee/Email No Charge
Loan History No Charge
Insurance Substitution (other than renewal) $10
Late Payment fees 4% of PITI – FHA, VA
Late Payment fees (after 16th) 5% of P&I – DPA and Conventional Loans
Non-sufficient Fund Checks $25
Autodraft Rejections due to NSF $25
Payoff Processing Fee $35
Duplicate Release (payable in advance) $35
Verification of Mortgage $20
My MFA Loan Information

ACH - I'd like to set up an (ACH) automatic payment for my mortgage loan.

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Please update my mailing address.

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I need a coupon book.

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Consumer Rights

MFA Privacy Policy

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Error resolution process and request for information

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Short Sale Request

Request a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure 

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Subordination Inquiry

Hardship subordination guidelines for MFA second mortgage loans

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