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Q. Can I make my payment online?
A. Yes. Go to "Make My MFA Loan Payment" to get started.

Q. When is my payment due? What penalties will be incurred if I am late?
A. Unless otherwise specified, all mortgage payments are due on the first day of each month. If your payment has not been received by the 16th of the month, a late charge will be assessed.

Q. Can my payment come out of my bank account automatically?
A. Yes. MFA provides the convenience of automatic payment processing for your monthly mortgage payment at no cost. Go to "My MFA Loan Information" tab below and click on ACH for more information.

Q. How can I find out the payoff amount on my mortgage?
A. Contact MFA's Servicing Department at (505) 843-6882 or 1-800-444-6880 for a payoff quote or submit a payoff request.

Q. What if I do not receive my payment coupons before my mortgage payment is due?
A. Contact the Loan Servicing Department at (505) 843-6882 or 1-800-444-6880 to obtain your loan number. MFA will verify your mailing address and contact information. Be sure to mail your payment by the due date to MFA, P.O. Box 912727, Denver, CO 80291.   You can also access loan information by going to the online system.  Go to "Make My MFA Loan Payment" to get started.

Q. I lost my coupons. How do I get a replacement book?
A. Go to the "My MFA Loan Information" tab at the bottom of the previous page to order a new coupon book. Or, call the Loan Servicing Department at (505) 843-6882 or 1-800-444-6880 to request a replacement coupon book. Coupon books are provided at no cost. 

Q. What do I do when I receive an insurance bill or tax bill in the mail?
A. MFA requests and receives bills directly from your insurance company and/or the county treasurer's office.  You do not need to forward this information to MFA.

Q. Why does my mortgage payment change each year?
A. Changes in your payment are determined by the type of loan you received and any annual increases, or decreases, in your escrowed items such as taxes or insurance.

Q. What is MFA's mortgagee clause?
A. New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, ISAOA

My MFA Loan Information

ACH - I'd like to set up an (ACH) automatic payment for my mortgage loan.

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Please update my mailing address.

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I need a coupon book.

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Consumer Rights

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Error resolution process and request for information

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Short Sale Request

Request a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure 

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Subordination Inquiry

Hardship subordination guidelines for MFA second mortgage loans

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